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If you are looking for an experienced, competent and responsible lawyer, focused at the clients’ best interests in the region of Smolyan - Welcome to Marev Law Firm!
The firm was established in 1990 by the lawyer Stoyan Dimitrov Marev, who is still part of it. In 2005 his son, Dimitar Stoyanov Marev joined the team.
Currently, Marev Law Office specializes in the field of civil (property, bond, commercial, company, family and inheritance) and administrative law.
Our law firm offers legal services as procedural representation before the judiciary and the executive authorities on the territory of Smolyan District, legal advice related to negotiations, preparation of contracts, real estate research, registration and transformation of companies.
In view of the dynamics of the processes and the clients’need for comprehensive service, Marev Law Office offers services in cooperation with external specialists - accountants, appraisers, designers and builders.



The legal profession is my vocation and passion. Therefore, in exercising with dedication, awareness, high professionalism, competence, precision and loyalty, I protect the rights and legitimate interests of customers with all permitted means and means.
Following the principles implemented into our policy for fair treatment and providing the correct information to the clients, the provision of legal services is carried out using the following algorithm:

  • Organising a short conversation with the client about the respective case;
  • If the case implies to the category and the field of activity of our firm, the process is moved to a detailed review of the available documentation with its legal significance;
  • Additional documents are collected if necessary and a subsequent analysis of the factual situation and the case performed;
  • After the initial review a professional opinion on the case is presented to the client - exposing the strategy of further action, the possible legal paths to solve it, its expected outcome and financial justification of the forthcoming costs;
  • The next step is service(s) assignment and initiating the relevant production or procedure for the case;
  • During the process the client is regularly informed about the development of the case in aspect of the need of decisions making under the conditions of fully received information and taking the relevant actions.



It is very often that citizens and representatives of legal entities (businesses) ask themselves the question: Why do I need a lawyer?
The lawyer’s profession is an activity provisioned in the Constitution of the Republic of Bulgaria, as its main and exclusive goal is legal assistance and protection of the rights, freedoms and legitimate interests of the physical and legal entities, which is carried out in accordance with the principles of independence, exclusivity, self-government and self-sufficiency.
A lawyer is a legally capable person who has completed higher legal education, has acquired legal capacity, has taken an oath and has been entered in the register of the relevant bar association in which he/she becomes a member.
Above all, a lawyer is needed to save clients' time and money, and it is crucial that qualified legal services are used in a timely manner.
The lawyer is most useful before and immediately after the occurrence of a problem or case, because he/she has the necessary knowledge and experience to be able to anticipate and prevent or reduce complications in the case for the client.
A lawyer is presumed to have qualifications, experience and specific knowledge. An experienced lawyer is unlikely to mislead the client with unreliable information, but it is tricky for citizens without legal knowledge to proceed to legal cases by themselves.
A lawyer is needed because he/she can be a valuable source of specialized information about the rights and opportunities of citizens in a case and are able to offer opportunities for their timely resolution in the best possible way.
You need a lawyer because he/she can anticipate obstacles to resolving the case and take appropriate action to overcome them.
Despite the given opportunity, it is not advisable for citizens and legal entities to represent themselves in court. The exercise of the right to defense is associated with a number of deadlines, specific procedural and legal possibilities, which are extremely important to be implemented in a timely manner.
There are so-called preclusive deadlines in civil and administrative proceedings, the omission of which in most cases leads to the irreversible loss of rights. In exercising the right to defense, the lawyer is able to assess the relevant facts, their timely presentation, the manner and means of proving them.





The procedural experience of Marev Law Firm evaluates the advantages of the alternative ways of settling disputes, which are faster, significantly cheaper and the most effective way to resolve the contradictions between the parties ...



Procedural representation in court proceedings regarding real estate - disputes over ownership, division, existence of limited property rights, etc.
Research of the legal status of real estate ...



Procedural representation and legal protection in commercial disputes, in disputes related to the performance of concluded contracts, in claims for tort, before all courts, special jurisdictions and arbitration court ...


Dimitar Stoyanov Marev

Lawyer Dimitar Marev chooses his profession with the deep conviction of its importance in protecting the rights and legitimate interests of citizens and legal entities. After graduating from the Vasil Levski Secondary School in the town of Smolyan, he decided to continue the family tradition as a second generation lawyer. During his studies at the Paisii Hilendarski University of Plovdiv, majoring in Law at the Faculty of Law, he worked as an associate at the Marev Law Firm during the summer months.

After graduating with a master's degree in law and successfully passing the bar exam in July 2005, Dimitar Marev was accepted as a member of the Smolyan Bar Association. In the Marev Office he specializes in the field of civil and administrative law.

At the beginning of his career he was involved as a member of the Municipal Expert Council on Spatial Planning of the Municipality of Dospat, where he specialized for more than 7 years in the field of spatial planning and closely related branches of civil and administrative law.

Adv. Dimitar Marev was elected a member of the Disciplinary Court, as well as of the Bar Council of the Bar Association - Smolyan.

As an active citizen he is part of the team of Voluntary Formation at the Municipality of Smolyan and a member of the board of SNCOP FUN IN THE MOUNTAIN.